This project would not have happened without the help of so many friends, colleagues and institutions. Srsly.

Brooklyn Arts Council

Thanks to the Brooklyn Arts Council for supporting M____ with a grant. This project would still just be a good idea without it.


Sexuality, Women & Gender Project

Melanie Brewster and her colleagues at the Columbia Sexuality, Women & Gender Project supplied unending energy, ideas, and guidance in the planning of this project.


Fete Nature Architecture

Julie Moskovitz brought thoughtful, wildly creative, and love to the spatial vision of the project.


Tomas Anthony & Alejandra Belmar of Everyday Athlete

Tomas and Alejandra catalyzed my interest in living an embodied life and finding my own strength, agility, endurance and stability. They have supported me and my muscles through thick and thin and still are the most compassionate, intelligent, dialed-in fitness (and life!) experts I've had the pleasure of knowing.


Art exhibitions don't really happen without wine; and certainly conversations around challenging topics get a lot easier with a glass in hand. Massive thanks to Dry Dock (my favorite wine store in all of Brooklyn) for their supportive donation to M_______.

Photo courtesy:

Photo courtesy:

Sasha Davies: Collaborator, Friend, Savvy wit, and Cheering Section

Menopause, An Imperfect Guide, was born out of conversations with Sasha, and M_______, The Menopause Project was born from the guide. She's been a rock and a soft landing over the course of this entire project and our friendship.


All the family, friends, and colleagues that have offered love, support, energy, advice, and ideas…

John Sharp
Dr. George Nowacek
Allison Weisberg
Marina Zurkow
Monica Schaffer
Kristi Cameron
Morgan Hille-Refakis
Lainie Fefferman
Hali Lee
Anna Conathan
Alejandra Belmar
Rody Dozouglou
Karla Polo-Garcia
Kay Takeda
Irene Schneeweis
Sascha Slocomb
Dr. Sari Locker
Allison Rowe
Macon Reed
Rachael Shannon
Emily Blumenfeld

…And all the Kickstarter Backers to Menopause, An Imperfect Guide