Menopause affects half the world’s population. Why don’t we talk about it?

Menopause. Yep, we said it. 

And more than half of us will live it. So why not own it?

Menopause has been referred to as the Last Taboo—a last unspoken topic of mixed social conversation. This project aims to bring light and attention to a topic still shrouded in mystery, shame, and isolation in a storefront space where the public can listen, learn and reflect on menopause and aging.

Available in the shop will be a small selection of artist’s works, as well as hand-outs and publications. A large area of the shop will be dedicated to space for reading and events. Featured presentations and conversations will include an overviews of cis women’s health, as well as the experiences of trans and gender nonconforming people with menstruation and menopause; perspectives on aging and identity; and nutrition and fitness for an empowered life before, during and after Menopause.

The shop was inspired by the collaboration between Sasha Davies and Nancy Nowacek to create a primer on Menopause. Menopause, An Imperfect Guide, was released June 2018, and is now available for purchase.

This pilot program aims to seed a network of experts, practitioners, artists, activists, and communities around the issues and impacts of menopause on individuals and society at large. It is also hoped that this pilot can become a template for future extended pop-up shops that can be taken up by other communities around the world.

Post, peri or pre, cis, trans, or gender noncomforming—this is your shop.

Let's do this.


M_______, is a project by artist Nancy Nowacek and is generously funded by the Brooklyn Arts Council.